Scott and his very experienced crew did a great job trimming several large trees and removing a very tall skinny one from our back hill. They had to climb the super tall tree to remove it without damaging a porch, it was really impressive to watch. This business is very professional, reasonably priced, efficient and hard working. We got their name from several neighbors in Edina, will for sure hire them again and strongly recommend them for any size job.
Maggie Harris
Scott and his crew were extremely professional, safe and skilled. They removed four 80' cottonwoods with ease. Their attention to detail was excellent. They worked efficiently and after the trimming was completed, they did a fantastic job of cleaning up. All the neighbors were impressed as well. I'm sure they'll get future business from our neighborhood.
Dave Andreotti
Absolutely amazing jaw dropping removing up a huge oak limb that had fallen. Huge job - great crew - careful and focused. They did a great job cleaning up!
This company is phenomenal! They came and did the work (huge job) or removing big tree that was hard to get to...they were diligent, hard working and did the work as described and didn't quit until the job was done and they cleaned up! Would hire in a heartbeat again!! 🙂 Happy customers!
Paul & Sheri McCoy
After the tornadoes in our area 4 days ago we feel so lucky that your services arrived at our neighborhood!! Our yard looks different but, the tree removal job was amazing!! Thank you!! I have passed on the name to many people!
Deb barr
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